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Keep Shelly in Athens - DELUXE In Love With Dusk/Our Own Dream 12" EP

Image of Keep Shelly in Athens - <b> DELUXE </b><i>In Love With Dusk</i>/<i>Our Own Dream</i> 12" EP


Special Edition Double EP Repress release of both Keep Shelly in Athens EPs In Love With Dusk & Our Own Dream UPDATED out MAY 21, 2012.
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A side
01. Running Out Of You
02. Fokionos Negri Street
03. Cremona Memories
04. Rainy Night
05. Don't be afraid
06. In love with dusk
07. A Tear in my i
B side
01. Lazy Noon
02. Our Own Dream
03. ABADABAD - California Birds (Keep Shelly in Athens remix)
04. DIY
05. Fairytale
06. a) The Rogue Superhero b) Ready To Pay The Price

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